I hope you are having a jolly time! 
Image from Cath Tate cards

Make it fun.

The Fun Theory is about changing behavior for the better by introducing FUN. Watch them here.

Hello Artists.

Illustration by Mia Nolting at Hello Artists
I really love the way she works type into her illustrations.

I want for nothing.

Pencil full of lead

I've got a sheet for my bed
And a pillow for my head
I've got a pencil full of lead
And some water for my throat
I've got buttons for my coat
And sails on my boat
So much more than I needed before
I got money in the meter
And a two bar heater
Oh now it's getting hotter
It's only getting sweeter
I've legs on my chair
and a head full of hair
Got in a band
And shoes on my feet
I've got a shelf full of books
And most of my teeth
Two pairs of socks
And a door with a lock
I've got food in my belly and a
License for my telly
And nothin's gonna bring me down
I've got a nice guitar and jazz in my car
I've got most of the means and scripts for the scenes
I'm out and about
So I'm in with a shout
Favorite chat but better than that
Food in my belly and a
License for my telly
And nothin's, nothin's gonna bring me down
And nothin's gonna bring me down
Best of all
I've got my baby (x 2)
She's mighty fine and she's all mine
And nothin's gonna bring me down

-Paulo Nutini

My favourite song of the moment. Listen to it here

Shopping party.

Yes, I just posted about a shopping detox and I'm following it up with an invitation to BUY.
This Friday for anyone in the Cape Town area.

The best source of inspiration.

Cell cuff, David & Martin; Newton Sneaker packaging, TDA Advertising. Images - Joe Duffy blog @ Fast Company.

No surprise - it's Mother Nature. Great article and more images here.

Pretty paper.

Invitation design by Daniel Carlsten. Très chic.

Shopping detox.

Tomorrow is 'Buy Nothing' day. A day of protest against consumerism. Activities include the obvious commitment to a spend-free 24 hours as well as things like the public cutting up of credit cards and other creative and daring protests. More at adbusters

Not just a good statement for a day but a good reminder to keep the spending in check before this hedonistic Christmas time...

"Mr & Mrs Fancy Pants"

aka Will Bryant & wife. Another talented couple inhabiting the blogosphere.
Will Bryant also of 'I love nice people who make cool things' fame.

Lessons from a dog.

See more lessons here. By Patrick Moberg.

Happy, Happy.

Another 365 days have just flown past. Whew.
Image Fffound.

I don't care if they're in fashion..

Some amusing illustration work by Justin Southey. From Infidels.

Love what you do.

More here.

Enough already?

I'm sure there will be plenty more soccer themed shoots that we'll see before this time next year... this one complete with bloody knee and red card is from ZooZoom. I'm okay with the themed shoots - just not the promotional messages that keep appearing in my in box. No, I don't want to put my clients logo onto a mini soccer ball key-ring...

The Chocolate Club.

I'm doing some work for this client. Rebranding and packaging ideas that I'll share once the client has approved them. It's a really elegant concept for the connoisseur - a different selection of handmade chocolates sent to you monthly. Here is how to join.

What next?

The Sugar Daddy Ken Doll by Mattel. He hails from Palm beach and 'sports a dashing jacquard-patterned jacket.'
Seen at StyleFrizz.

In a nutshell.

Wise words spotted in the klein dorp of Montagu last weekend.

Ignore everybody.

Great advice by Hugh. More at Gaping Void.

Patrick Ryan.

This beautiful image by Photographer Patrick Ryan. More here and here.


Slick meets natural. Wood stools by Judith Seng. Seen here.
Images Jamie Kopke.

The perfect client.

Click to read. Thanks to Raz.

How do you feel?

Passive observation by Jonathan Harris.
Amazing. See it here if you haven't already. Just watched his Ted talk.


'Against the Machine' by Jennifer Daniel. This made me laugh out loud.

No commitment necessary.

'Tattoo' hose and knee socks. Love 'em. Etsy seller here.

Agents of cool.

Flavours include 'The Molotofee Cocktail" and "Obamarama" amongst others like "The Prince Charles" (English Brown Bread ice cream between two oatmeal cookies.
Great logo. Selfridges & Co. and here.

Never ignore kerning.

Unless your message is as sweet as this. Fffound.

The a,b,c of jewellrey.

Great find for type fans from esty seller 'plastique'. And another great new online store just launched here. Congrats Denise!

Blackheart Gang - Book launch

The creators say that "If we were to imagine that a coffee table was a person, then the 'Tale of How' coffee table book should be considered to be some sort of fabulous wig or magical hat that the above-mentioned person could wear out to parties and things."
See more here. The illustrations look awesome.

No I can't.

Inbox currently nearing 4000 mails. Drastic action needed. 

Picture it.

ffffound I think.


See more here.

Mall culture.

We had dinner at the Design Quarter last night. Another nice Jozi offering. Now if only the shops stayed open after 6 in Joburg. What's up with that...? Second thoughts, might have been better that they were closed. Not so sure about the shopping self control at the moment.


I'm in Johannesburg for work again. I'm trying to convince myself that I love jozi. This t-shirt helped. More here, but the above (top) was my best. 

Say "No" to grey.

Happy Monday. Aren't these colourful "happy socks" fabulous?
Who cares if they co-ordinate - matching is overrated anyway.
Seen at Swiss Miss.

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