Dolly vase

dolly vase, originally uploaded by black_kat1.

This is by Corneel Lemmer. Exhibited earlier this year at the Design Indaba Expo and now at Flogging Art. See more of 'Flogging Art' at Fourwallsdesign.

I love this vase, she looks great with a single bloom making her pretty head/face.

Keep Calm And Carry On

I've succumbed. I've joined the ranks of the thousands who have this stiff upper lip WWII reproduction poster. A real blog trend, which would usually turn me right off but I still just love the message. And I don't know anyone locally who has it so I've decided that's ok : )

I ordered from the Keep Calm Gallery and the poster arrived a while ago but I just got it back from the framers. The Gallery has a blog. You can also find this poster for sale here.

The original was done in red. And being a typenerd I found some info about the typeface on typophile.

Maria Kalman, recently interviewed on inspiration boards has this illustrated rendition.

I'm planning to hang this strategically and hoping the message will work wonders. Hmm, perhaps I should take it to the office..

Flogging Art III

I was sent this invite recently. Sounds great, I've been to one of these before. Diarise if you're in the area.

Curious, Whetstone & Frankley invites you to FLOGGING ART III, a flash exhibition of art, photography, ceramics and jewellery.
One night and two days only!

Friday 28 March from 5pm, Saturday 29 March, 10‑4, Sunday 30 March, 10‑4
87a Station Road, Observatory, Cape Town (between the Obs Library and Obs Station)
Tel. 021 44 88 780

Easter brunch and the perfect poached egg...

This Easter I decided to extend myself by serving Eggs Benedict as part of a Brunch. Poached eggs are not really my forte and previous attempts have ended up in a stringy mess that (if they make it to the plate) DH frowns at before attempting. So the task ahead seemed fraught with disaster...

I tried a bit of research this time and I'm amazed (and comforted) by the number of people who seem to have trouble with the simple egg! Oh for that perfect restaurant creation as opposed to the rubbery jello-mould type creations that hark back to the days of boarding school.

Megan of the great Not Martha has a nice little tut on her flickr page (her image above) and Rob Manuel tests and rates methods by Delia, Hugh, and other (should be unfailing) professionals - with amusingly photographed results. This hollandaise recipe by Delia was a winner though!

I am pleased to report that my results were speedily devoured by all concerned - although sadly I don't have the photographic evidence to prove it : )

Apparantly "No One Cares What You Had For Lunch" (or breakfast for that matter) but I couldn't resist posting about poaching : ) and as I was reminded recently breakfast is an art if you consider the wonderful photography of Jennifer Causey. I hear she has just published a book. So perhaps brunch is not that boring after all.

Happy Easter!

BUNNYOCALYPSE is an online art project by Michael Hanttula - see him pit microwave, blow dryer, coffee grinder and many other means of torture against the happless marshmallow bunny!
Seen at amynation.

MAD museum

Another cool example where the subject matter is unexpected for the medium. This crazy piece: a skull table cloth. Not sure I'd display this pretty but macabre cloth although I can definitely appreciate the craftmanship and the love the twist.

By Hildur Bjarnadóttir Untitled (skulls)
Crocheted cotton yarn.
Photo: Richard Goodbody, Inc.

It's part of an exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Design called "Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting."

"A provocative and timely exhibition of international artists using fiber in unexpected and unorthodox ways, this exhibition shines a spotlight on a territory in which distinctions between art, craft, and design are seen to be arbitrary and artificial. It also illuminates a field of creative practice that today is fresh, surprising, and engaging to all audiences."

Another exhibit at MAD is "Pricked: Extreme Embroidery" exploring old crafting and needleworking techniques rejuvenated into mainstream art and design. The artists hail from as diverse countries as Transylvania, Egypt and Mexico. The below piece caught my eye.

Andrea Dezsö, My Grandmother Loved Me Even Though ...
Embroidery, cotton thread on white cotton canvas
Photo: Andrea Dezsö

"Crayon eater"

It was DHs birthday last week and I ordered this print by James Jean for him. We also went out for some 'fine dining' at Myoga. (I've realised that he'd have enjoyed quenching his thirst on Weissbier at the Brauhaus far more - a man of simple tastes : ) But there's always next year! In the meantime we eagerly await the post office slip to let us know that 'Crayon eater' has arrived.

Cotton knitware clock

I love designs that use unexpected materials - this great clock 'Gomitolo' by Diamantini & Domeniconi is made of cotton. This Italian studio are the designers of the very successful 'cucu clock'.

Seen here.

Magazine addiction

A few new mags to add to my ever increasing pile.

I have to admit that apart from the (very public) lapse in judgement that landed her in prison I still am a fan of Martha. I mean here is a woman who tells you to "Refrigerate salad plates for an hour before setting the table. The chilled dishes will keep greens and vegetables crisp." You have to love tips like that whether they ever translate into action or not! (Usually not in my case.) For heavens sake the woman even blogs! Although I have also read about the 'dark side' of Martha - apparantly even as a child, she sabotaged a little girl's cake recipe in order to take her little business away for herself!

All that trash aside I love the styling work in her magazines and was very sad to hear that Blueprint is now kaput. So I'm pouring over the last issue. They'll be concentrating on their blog from now on (relaunch impending). The layout and design of Blueprint was great. I loved the typeface they used so much so that I ordered a copy online. It's called Kursivschrift. (See my header.) I look forward to using it on a project.

LIVING concentrates heavily on gardening this month and that, along with Helouises' blog myimperfectgarden has inspired me to add PennyRoyal to the list for my patch of green and pull on those gardening gloves... anyone know of a reasonable landscaper?

Outside of the Martha stable Domino has a great 'green' issue (although doesn't everyone nowdays... hope that this one 'trend' stays in vogue). And a feature on some great fabric.

Liesel Trautman

More ceramics today: Isn't this work by Liesel Trautman beautiful? I love her stuff and have been lucky enough to be given two pieces. Liesel Trautman can be found at the neighbourhood goods market or her studio/shop - 114 Lower Main Road, Observatory. The red scallop edged bowl in the shots is from Anthropologie.

Anthropologie mugs

One of my favourite stores (admiration from afar) I find myself drooling over their online catalogue and wishing for international delivery! These mugs made the trip from NY to our kitchen cupboard thanks to DH. That's 'Dear husband'. I love the typography. In fact, that's how DH and I met - a conversation over typography - so it's only fitting I suppose! Yes, typenerds.

A change in perspective.

I was fortunate enough to attend the Design Indaba conference last Friday. One of the most interesting presentations in my opinion came from Professer Shin-ichi Takemura. " a media producer known for his numerous cutting-edge IT-driven social activities, along with advocating his incisive views as an anthropologist."

The project tangible earth as a mind blowing way of "looking in" or experiencing what is happening anywhere around the world. A global look at weather patterns, pollution and so on. Here's the clincher: It's in REAL TIME. So that peek into a specific place on the globe allows you an amazing insight into what someone else could be experiencing right at that moment. The result? Perhaps a real understanding and empathy as opposed to a colder view of the world around us seen in the usual news reported nightly on television. What a cool new perspective.

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