The crazy Aunt.

I was introduced by a colleague (thank you, Bronwynne) to 'The Crazy Aunt Company'. And I've since commissioned a few designs from Narina. These baby grows and t-shirts will be finding their way overseas and hopefully bring a little African smile to their recipients. A bit of customised embroidery or felt lettering make the gift especially personal. The best part? The quirky company name!

Thirsty girl.

Found on ffffound. Love this layout.

Go big or go home.

These classic hair clips remind me of growing out my fringe but still being required to clip my hair back neatly for school. The iconic design has now been cleverly SUPERSIZED. 
Jumbo clips by Adia Kibur available here

Edible crayons.

When I was little I had a friend whose baby sister used to eat crayons. We always guessed that her poop was rainbow-coloured. She could have safely eaten the above crayons without dramatic consequence. They were created by Luxirare. See more on her site for the 'recipe' and a documentation of her process. So great. 


Hope you're having a good Monday. Lighten up with more of Katrin Hagen of Mischief Champion. I'm afraid I forgot to take my vitamins this morning.

Best thing since sliced bread?

Embroidered sliced bread. 
See more art, textiles, objects and oddities by Catherine McEver
Why not?

'A matter of taste'.

These delectable images are by photographer Fulvio Bonavia. See more on his site.
Found here. I'm pretty sure these will be making the blog-rounds but had to post them here too.

Top Drawer.

The above already combine two of my favourite things - books and perfume - but the pièce de résistance is the awesome cover design & illustration. Credit to Klaus Haapaniemi. Spotted at CR where you can view some of his prelim work. 


Feeling overwhelmed! Advice? Perhaps try-not-to-do-it-all-have-it all-at-once?

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