Joie de vivre

Joie de vivre can be expressed in English as an 'exultation of spirit which involves one's whole being'. This just about perfectly describes how I feel about our recent news.
We're off to Paris for a glorious two month sabbatical. Made possible by the the fact that DH has been granted an artists residency at the CIte des Arts. I am fortunate enough to be able to accompany him. We'll be staying in an apartment in the historic Marais area for the months of August and September, and will use each day to soak up all that the amazing city has to offer. We've only had a short visit to Paris in the past where we behaved as typical tourists - chalking up the quintessential visits to the Louve, Eiffel tower etc but this visit will be a chance to experience it all so differently.
We are so excited and grateful to be heading off to the most romantic city in the world for a sojourn that I'm sure will continue to inspire long after the trip is over.
All of this only slightly complicated by the paperwork (visa preparation) that has to be done before we go - and the fact that we can't communicate in French further than 'Salut' or 'Merci' ...
I've been scouring blog-land for suggestions on things not to miss in Paris, so please share if you have any recommendations.

Legends of Unity.

I went to the opening of an exhibit of portraits of African footballers by Kehinde Wiley last night. It's a collaboration between Puma and Wiley and as well as artwork you can see the range of Puma clothing, footwear and accessories inspired by the work.

It is vibrant, graphic work which I was looking forward to seeing up close - the only disappointment was that the originals were not on exhibit - apparently stuck in customs. I'm a big fan of West African textile prints so I found the bold wallpaper type backgrounds really beautiful.

Images by me & various other sources. Unfortunately so many people and press it was hard to get a decent shot. The exhibition runs from 24 June to 3 July.

Stuff no one told me.

Stuff no one told me (but I learned anyway).

Break your teeth on this.

I'm a fan of unusual and quirky jewellery so the above piece by chewedbytuesday appeals to me. Check it out here - plus the chewed version!


I really should go out, but it's so cold. Sitting in front of the fireplace is much nicer.


This made me laugh. By Muddyshoulder

New shoes.

Challenging the function of a pair of Nike shoes. To see more of the often crazy reinvention of thse shoes see more here.

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