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Joie de vivre

Joie de vivre can be expressed in English as an 'exultation of spirit which involves one's whole being'. This just about perfectly describes how I feel about our recent news.
We're off to Paris for a glorious two month sabbatical. Made possible by the the fact that DH has been granted an artists residency at the CIte des Arts. I am fortunate enough to be able to accompany him. We'll be staying in an apartment in the historic Marais area for the months of August and September, and will use each day to soak up all that the amazing city has to offer. We've only had a short visit to Paris in the past where we behaved as typical tourists - chalking up the quintessential visits to the Louve, Eiffel tower etc but this visit will be a chance to experience it all so differently.
We are so excited and grateful to be heading off to the most romantic city in the world for a sojourn that I'm sure will continue to inspire long after the trip is over.
All of this only slightly complicated by the paperwork (visa preparation) that has to be done before we go - and the fact that we can't communicate in French further than 'Salut' or 'Merci' ...
I've been scouring blog-land for suggestions on things not to miss in Paris, so please share if you have any recommendations.

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Oh, I am so excited for you - what an opportunity! Have great and glorious fun!!

Betty Bake

oh wow - that is sooo awesome cool!!! congrats to you both that you got it right to go --- oh man that is going to be the very best trip ever! wish i could go - i'm dreaming of paris! enjoy every second

Bernice and James


Congratulations! How amazing.
Read - very mixed bag but she's a big Paris fan and has blogged some of her favourite stores etc, looked like some very beautiful places.
Wow - I'm jealous!


Amazing! Have a wonderful time!


Thanks for the comments and kind wishes. And thanks to you Molly - for the intro to stephmodo.


Wow, you just blew my.mind. I can't believe it, I am sooo happy for you, and I can't wait to see all of your adventures!!!


oh my goodness I haven't been round to your blog for a while and I come back to this!? So exciting!! I'm sure it will life changing. And life affirming. And your French vocabulary will definitely improve :)


Oh lucky you, it's going to be amazing!

Betty Bake

hi kath - i saw this today and thought of you
go here to look:

hope you like

Betty / Bernice


Thanks for the link BB - I have bookmarked! And 'Merci' to the rest of you too :)


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