Stuff my doodle.

Stuff your doodles is a fun little service - send in your scrawl (or the masterpiece done by your 5 year old) and see it come to life. The result of your sketch is a handmade stuffed and sewn replica. Smart and silly!

Chocolate with no calories?

Too good to be true? Of course. Le Whif is a "new way to eat chocolate." It had to come from the French.... this mix of 'culinary art and aerosol science' is chocolate that you inhale (actually you breathe it in). Microns of chocolate particles amounting to less than 1 calorie hit your tastebuds and you are satisfied. What do you think - perfect accompaniment to a cup a coffee?

It's bollocks, pure and simple.

I think I'll have to get this book. Looks like just the right amount of bluntly put anti-self-help type of self help! And I think Janet Street-Porter is hilarious.

"The fact of the matter is, if you don't want bags under your eyes, go to bed early. If you notice your chin sagging, talk a lot! If you don't want to look your age—a miserable old cow—smile! That'll take 10 years off for a start."

Cassette tape cool.

So eighties, so teenage, so cool. Here.

Tea with Liesel Trautman

A few months ago, on our wedding anniversary, DH gifted me a visit to Liesel Trautman's studio and with an invitation to choose some ceramics. Clever man, he knows I have wanted to add to the pieces I already own. 
I finally made my way to Liesel's shop/studio on Monday. What a delight to meet the talented woman behind these gorgeous ceramics. The passion for what she does is obvious and we chatted about her inspirations, process and personal creative path. 
I'm always interested in what makes creative people tick and have decided to share some of her insights and inspirations in a follow up post to this one. Look out for it! In the meantime, enjoy the images. 

In memoriam.

I was terribly saddened to hear the news that talented local photographer and all round interesting individual, Crispian Plunkett, had passed away over the weekend. I've worked with Crispian many times. I'll remember him for his attitude, his humour and the music he blasted on set. And of course the images he's captured. What a loss.  I wish strength to his family and friends. 

Déjà vu.

A while ago I told DH that I could clear out my entire closet and start again with a restricted colour palette of black, grey and denim. Never happened. Perhaps because I quickly remembered how boring it was to wear a school uniform.  

The Uniform Project, on the other hand, is anything but boring. 

A pledge to wear the same dress, every day, for a year. The particular dress is designed to be worn front or backwards or as an open tunic. And although already into month two the genius accessorising keeps it looking interesting. 
Why? It's an exercise in sustainable fashion and a fund-raising initiative for the education of slum kids in India.

I'll be following it here. You should too. And I'll attempt not to bemoan my own wardrobe in the future!

New ingredient.

Image from The Feedbag.

Have you heard of black garlic? I hadn't. Perhaps I've been neglecting my reading of foodie blogs because this was certainly new to me. Basically, it's specially aged white garlic. It's described as soft and sweet with no pungent aftertaste and double the anti-oxidants of the original version. Sounds interesting. Anyone seen this locally? I read about it in the June edition of Living,etc.

'Gay Paree'

Gorgeous. I want, I want, I want!  Map of Paris seen on decor8
Available here. And a London version too. 

The Road Less Travelled.

Beautiful typography here. Seen on graphichug.

New desktop

Pretty cool wallpapers to download at Frankie magazine.

Bruce Robertson's "The Quarter"

Bunny chow is a South African street food. It originated in Durban in the 1940's and the term is a slang description for a hollowed out loaf of bread (usually a quarter loaf) filled with curry. 

Celebrity chef Bruce Robertson is now providing Cape Town with a gourmet version of the Bunny Chow

I designed the identity for this new concept eatery which recently opened on Long street. The name, The Quarter, takes it's lead from the colloquial term for bunny chow - a 'kota', referring to a quarter loaf of bread. 

The images below show the identity (with apologies to vegetarians) applied in the store and on various design pieces - the signage, food packaging, business cards and wallpaper. The wallpaper amusingly puts across the 'rules' for eating bunny chow. If you are in Cape Town, do stop by! 

Jordan Metcalf

Work by talented designer/illustrator/typographer: Jordan Metcalf. 
See more of him here and here


Love this. Not sure where it's from. Let me know if you know the credit. 

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