Um, awesome.

Check out The Art of Jim Denevan. It's landscape art at an incredible scale. Drawing in the sand with a stick and a rake... he is credited with creating the largest artwork in history. Spotted here.


A lot of this going around at the moment obviously. Fffound.

Age-old advice.

Some sage advice from WWI. Kinda along trend of the reprinted WWII Keep Calm poster. From the Wallblank Vintage collection. We could all do with a prompt to be more mindful, I think.

I love Bread and Jam.

'I love Bread and Jam' sells the sweetest little dresses for tiny people. I'm mad about their retro fabric prints. See the limited edition Pick-a-pocket and Runaway dresses.

Reading matter.

I'm reading a lot a at the moment. Not just the books above although I've enjoyed immersing myself in all things French - I've also discovered some fantastic blogs about Paris. Some were in my reading list before, but most are new. Here are a few...

Food author, dessert king and renown blogger who I've followed ever since the purchase of the ice cream bowl of my KitchenAid..

Great updates from a sweet-loving writer in Paris.

A couple from Canada in Paris for 3 months - fun 'Wino Wednesday' posts and exploratory walks around Paris.

The editor of GoGoParis - great intro to interesting Caf├ęs and so on.
Paris tips and insights into touring, renting, living in the city.

I'm now debating what reading material to take along on our trip. The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work by Alain de Botton and Affluenza by Oliver James are on my list. But I think definitely need something 'lighter' as well. Thanks to Candice for our guidebook and English/French dictionary. And to the others who have passed along novels they thought we'd enjoy. I'm sure I'll manage to pass the loooong flight with my nose firmly buried in a book, if not a blog!

Fine foliage.

I seem to have stumbled upon so many beautiful images of leaves recently. From the gentle colours in the fabric printing of The Artful Parent to the Plascon cut-outs by SkinnyLaminx. We are way past Autumn in South Africa (we've actually been experiencing some glorious sunny winter days at the moment in Cape Town) but falling, fabric & paper leaves are front of my mind. Thanks to all those above for the 'bit 'o pretty' they've put into the world.

Karen Cheung

Karen Cheung used to be a zoologist but 'found it more stimulating to draw doodles during lectures' - she also admits to being obsessed with freaks, weirdos, outsiders and mythological beings. What a character she sounds - quite as quirky and delightful as the characters she draws. See her blog here and find her on etsy too. 

Made me smile.

Isn't it great when humour is injected to everyday design? The 'Sylvester' bird box is by John Casewell.


This clever person has redesigned the traditional lined notebook into an 'inspiration pad'. I'd use it. You can buy it here.

Finger in the nose.

Aside from the that fact that the kids in this shoot look awfully grown up I think the brand name of 'Finger in the nose' is quite genius. The right amount of attitude to really stand out from the more common twee tags. More here.

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