Vintage wallpapers

Visit for a great selection of original wallpapers from the fifities, sixties and seventies. This Cologne based store collects and sells these vintage wallpapers and have a range in current production. Enjoy.

Bad hair day?

I scanned these fantastic images from a book called BAD HAIR by James Innes-Smith and Henrietta Webb.
Celebrating spray, gel, mousse, crimping irons and the perm is BIG HAIR by the same authors.
There's even a blog (several, actually) about bad hair. Visit here if you need to feel better about yourself.

All images from Bad Hair - the authors state: While every effort has been made to trace all copyright holders the publishers would be glad to hear from any who may have been omitted (or may have preferred to be omitted).


How Toxic are you? (I'm tainted.)

I recently spent a reasonably large sum of money (for my budget) on new skincare products. I've used the same brand for years (Dermalogica) but I'm hoping I might see an improvement in my skin if I try something different. Nimue has great reviews and a few advocates in my immediate surroundings so that was the tipping point in my decision making.

So whilst sitting with an 'Enzyme exfoliater' on my face last eve I began reading the 'ingredients' and to my dismay discovered that this product contains Parabens. A few months ago my sister sent me this link. Skin Deep is a site where you can research your beauty products to see whether they contain these baddies (Parabens). There is controversy surrounding parabens and the jury is still out as to the link between them and certain cancers. My usual approach would be to steer completely clear if there is even a rumour that something I am using daily could be even slightly toxic. Now I'm faced with the dilemma of using this product or not... Fortunately I only bought the tavel kit sizes...

'Stick figures in peril' by DH. Stick figures in Peril is also avaliable on a t-shirt at Threadless.

Wrapping paper

Work in progress of a wrapping paper design, this one obviously personalised for Nell. I'm actually thinking about producing a range of monogrammed cards. Just beginning the colour exploration on this one..

Patricia Lewis and Steve Hofmeyr. Praat die taal. Dit betaal.

Patricia Lewis and Steve Hofmeyr shot for the 2008 Pendoring campaign. This shoot was great fun, and we were impressed the celebs were game enough to appear in these ads. Ads still need to be gold foiled but I couldn't resist posting them.

See more of this little decor store on my flickr page.

Complete crochet project 2: Scarf

I was pleased to join some fellow bloggers on Saturday at the Book Lounge for an afternoon of chat and (in my case) crochet. My first experience of 'Kraft club' started by Jesse and Heather introduced me to a lovely group of talented people immersed in their various projects. I'm just a beginner hence me proudly posting my results! I'm now starting another scarf with a softer-to-the-touch wool.

I won't be attempting anything from the below book though - but I thought it amusing. Naughty Needles (Sexy, Saucy Knits for the Bedroom and Beyond) is written by Nikol Lohr. A "champion of the wifely arts, Lohr can cook, sew, crochet, knit, needlepoint, embroider, decoupage, print, grow things, fix things, and generally craft her ass off." The book includes Fembot nightie, felted Red Riding Hood cape and naughty nurse cap to name a few.

Nikol Lohr created and, and co-created the cooking site and 'chick site'

Vogue Living Australia

This has always been one of my favourite magazines. Although I have a pretty long list of favourites. The below image from the May/June 2008 issue is from their Digital Sampler.

Entertaining & Travel is equally good, and will always remind me of my first few years working in Advertising. I remember compiling endless moodboards for food shoots from a stack of these magazines that had been collected in our studio. These, plus a good collection of Martha Stewart Living and a few Donna Hay styled cook books were my reference sources. I was always armed with a good supply of yellow post-it notes. And unsuprisingly this is how my interest in cooking and baking was kindled.

A few interesting decor links from the Living issue: Enjoy.
Amazing crockery.

Design Incubation Centre.

'Emu' Italian designed outdoor furniture.

'Space' furniture and objects.

Industreal e-shop.

What's in your drawer, what's in your bag?

Real Simple has a post up by Kristin Appenbrink about the essentials in your office drawer. I can relate to this as over the past 10 years of an "office job" my needs have grown. For example I never used to store xylitol (sugar substitute) in that drawer. Sadly now necessary : ) My list includes: tissues, handcream, emery board, gum/mints, anti-bacterial computer and phone wipes, saftey pins, Nurofen, Vitathion, plasters, Rooibos Chai tea, mini deoderant, it goes on...

The essentials drawer photo above from

Her post made me think about the flickr group 'What's in your bag?'
I must admit upfront that the image I've posted here does not accurately reflect what I carry around in my handbag, noticably absent are wallet, Moleskin diary and carefully edited are the rest of the debris that accumulates at the bottom of whatever handbag I am currently using... coins, parking tickets, receipts etc.

I suspected, and was correct, that there would also be a "What's in your fridge" group. I think we have to draw the line somewhere though - I'm not sure I want to see the contents of anyones trash...

This exhibition is sure to be an entertaining visual delight. Illustrators Linzie Hunter, Rod Hunt, Nishant Choksi and Allan Sanders.

Hot Rods and Hairy Beasts is showing at the Coningsby Gallery from Monday 29th September until Saturday 4th October 2008, so anyone in London - enjoy. I am familiar with the work of a few of the artists (Linzie Hunters 'sex spam series' is getting a lot of attention) and the others are well respected. A group showing should be fantastic. The Parisian dog poo image is hilarious! I think DH stepped in dog poo about 4 times when we were in Paris. And we were only there for a week.
Thanks Doug, for the email about this great collective.

White on White

How to choose a white? We've recently got back some work from the framers. The matt is distinctly not white. And of course the brief was to use a white mount. Grrr.

It made me think about how difficult this (non) colour is to work with. I've made an attempt to keep our bedroom furniture and decor white on white. Unfortunately I am already dealing with a fitted carpet that is a non-descript (but luckily fairly non-offensive) shade of beige. All accessories and furniture (save one piece that I can't afford to replace yet) are either clear (eg.Kartell lamps) or white. But it kinda looks 'patchworky' because of the different shades. Doesn't bother me too much though - because the desired result was a restful, calm space and I am on the way to achieving that. (Calm on the surface - nevermind what is happening in the cupboards : ) see yesterdays post!)

White on white images above are from Amazing Spaces.They have locations in SA, Mallorca and Croatia.

Limewash, snow white, powder white, chalk, milk, lily white, ice white, cloud white, porcelain.... the names add to the difficulty when selecting a 'white'!

Visit Holly of Decor 8's flickr page for a great white set.
Another lovely flickr group is the Shades of White pool.

Extreme Minimalism Monday

I'm not one of those people who 'travel light'. I envy those capsule wardrobe types who would only save their family photographs if the house was burning down. I might actually have a hard time locating the photographs and become so distracted along the way I'd forget that I was fleeing a burning building. I've confessed to it before, and even tried to inspire myself to purge by posting about it here but I am still very much on the road to reformation.

So it should make sense that a fair number of my bookmarks are sites that have it all under control. Like Unclutterer "the blog about getting and staying organized." They have quite an entertaining section: Extreme Minamalism Monday.

I'm also in awe of those who have managed to create serene spaces where everything has it's place. Have you come across Chez larson? Benita from Stockholm is of my flickr contacts, and has only the-most-beautifully-orgainized-home-in-the-world. I envy her utility room with a disporportionate amount of lust.

Are you at all like me?
What causes your clutter?
What is your "clutter personality?"

The Hoarder: "This might come in hand someday!"

The Deferrer: "I'll think about that tomorrow!"

The Rebel: "I don't wanna and you can't make me!"

The Perfectionist: "Next week, I'll organize everything--perfectly!"

The Sentimentalist: "Oh, the little darling!"

Unfortunately I can identify with more than one of them! Forget Minimalism Monday, roll on Tuesday...

Images by Benita. Also see her etsy store.

Fabric heaven

I discovered this attic full of loveliness in Riebeek Kasteel at the 'Cape Francolin Art Hotel'. The owner, David Bellamy, has an outlet in Muizenberg. A vast range of imported fabrics that I immediately began imagining uses for - and I don't even own a sewing machine!

Secret Ingredient?

I laughed out loud at the above from toothpaste for dinner. I've never mastered a successful Chilli. Too hot, too mild...

But as far as secret ingredients are concerned I have a few recipes of my Grandmothers passed to me from my mum and a one or two closely gaurded recipes shared by friends. Do you have the same? Or an ingredient idea that sets your dish apart? Perhaps something you accidentalIy discovered? I've actually heard of a few well-known chefs adding a little Guinness, Cocoa cola or Heinz tomato sauce to their creations...although did you know the 'secret' recipe for Coca cola itself has apparantly never been shared since it's 1886 formulation. A little useless information for you. Perhaps I'll attempt Chilli for dinner, it is rather cold out.

Decor Online

I'm not sure why I signed on at mydeco it's not as if I have the time to delve into another online community. But I think I was drawn in by the 3D room planner... a wonderful way for the amateur interior designer to indulge their ideas. Check it out.

Another great decor site that I enjoy is vtwonen. Although the site is in Dutch it is still pretty easy to navigate (I guess an understanding of Afrikaans helps). They have a geat interactive section and application for pulling mood boards together. Images from vtwonen.

For the garden connoisseur : Garden Bleu

I came across a sweet little garden decor store while in Riebeek Kasteel. A collection of Provencal type garden design pieces made from wrought iron. Mainly metal garden accessories but also some decor items and some great linen. I liked the trellises, wall mounts and pot shelves. DH isn't mad about the style of products so we had to agree that one day I'd design the garden of our rustic country home with these elements. Oh, aren't 'pipe dreams' great? Our conversation made me wonder what most people do if their significant other has a very converse home decor or design style... fortunately we agree on most things : )

They have a site but for some reason it doesn't load very well on my system.

Heads up - Cape Town 9&10 May

Some nice upcoming events for Capetonians: 'Two Karens' at Curious, Whetstone & Frankley opening Friday eve (87a Station Road, Observatory) and a nice little sale (who can resist a sale?) in Muizenberg on Saturday.

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