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White on White

How to choose a white? We've recently got back some work from the framers. The matt is distinctly not white. And of course the brief was to use a white mount. Grrr.

It made me think about how difficult this (non) colour is to work with. I've made an attempt to keep our bedroom furniture and decor white on white. Unfortunately I am already dealing with a fitted carpet that is a non-descript (but luckily fairly non-offensive) shade of beige. All accessories and furniture (save one piece that I can't afford to replace yet) are either clear (eg.Kartell lamps) or white. But it kinda looks 'patchworky' because of the different shades. Doesn't bother me too much though - because the desired result was a restful, calm space and I am on the way to achieving that. (Calm on the surface - nevermind what is happening in the cupboards : ) see yesterdays post!)

White on white images above are from Amazing Spaces.They have locations in SA, Mallorca and Croatia.

Limewash, snow white, powder white, chalk, milk, lily white, ice white, cloud white, porcelain.... the names add to the difficulty when selecting a 'white'!

Visit Holly of Decor 8's flickr page for a great white set.
Another lovely flickr group is the Shades of White pool.

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janine de waal

What a predicament white is! And then to try and specify white paint!!! But white interiors are always so beautiful!


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