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This exhibition is sure to be an entertaining visual delight. Illustrators Linzie Hunter, Rod Hunt, Nishant Choksi and Allan Sanders.

Hot Rods and Hairy Beasts is showing at the Coningsby Gallery from Monday 29th September until Saturday 4th October 2008, so anyone in London - enjoy. I am familiar with the work of a few of the artists (Linzie Hunters 'sex spam series' is getting a lot of attention) and the others are well respected. A group showing should be fantastic. The Parisian dog poo image is hilarious! I think DH stepped in dog poo about 4 times when we were in Paris. And we were only there for a week.
Thanks Doug, for the email about this great collective.

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Kelly Fletcher

On our calendar of things to see and do. Thanks for the heads up


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