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Extreme Minimalism Monday

I'm not one of those people who 'travel light'. I envy those capsule wardrobe types who would only save their family photographs if the house was burning down. I might actually have a hard time locating the photographs and become so distracted along the way I'd forget that I was fleeing a burning building. I've confessed to it before, and even tried to inspire myself to purge by posting about it here but I am still very much on the road to reformation.

So it should make sense that a fair number of my bookmarks are sites that have it all under control. Like Unclutterer "the blog about getting and staying organized." They have quite an entertaining section: Extreme Minamalism Monday.

I'm also in awe of those who have managed to create serene spaces where everything has it's place. Have you come across Chez larson? Benita from Stockholm is of my flickr contacts, and has only the-most-beautifully-orgainized-home-in-the-world. I envy her utility room with a disporportionate amount of lust.

Are you at all like me?
What causes your clutter?
What is your "clutter personality?"

The Hoarder: "This might come in hand someday!"

The Deferrer: "I'll think about that tomorrow!"

The Rebel: "I don't wanna and you can't make me!"

The Perfectionist: "Next week, I'll organize everything--perfectly!"

The Sentimentalist: "Oh, the little darling!"

Unfortunately I can identify with more than one of them! Forget Minimalism Monday, roll on Tuesday...

Images by Benita. Also see her etsy store.

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Freshly Found

I think I would be exactly the same in case of my house burning down! Had a good chuckle!


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