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How Toxic are you? (I'm tainted.)

I recently spent a reasonably large sum of money (for my budget) on new skincare products. I've used the same brand for years (Dermalogica) but I'm hoping I might see an improvement in my skin if I try something different. Nimue has great reviews and a few advocates in my immediate surroundings so that was the tipping point in my decision making.

So whilst sitting with an 'Enzyme exfoliater' on my face last eve I began reading the 'ingredients' and to my dismay discovered that this product contains Parabens. A few months ago my sister sent me this link. Skin Deep is a site where you can research your beauty products to see whether they contain these baddies (Parabens). There is controversy surrounding parabens and the jury is still out as to the link between them and certain cancers. My usual approach would be to steer completely clear if there is even a rumour that something I am using daily could be even slightly toxic. Now I'm faced with the dilemma of using this product or not... Fortunately I only bought the tavel kit sizes...

'Stick figures in peril' by DH. Stick figures in Peril is also avaliable on a t-shirt at Threadless.

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Scary! I'm pleased that my preferred moisturiser (petroleum jelly) is safe for me - but it's not very good for the environment. And then there's shampoo... It's quite scary to realise how easily I can dismiss health concerns, when under pressure from pretty packaging.

Joanna Goddard

really interesting...thank you!


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