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Bad hair day?

I scanned these fantastic images from a book called BAD HAIR by James Innes-Smith and Henrietta Webb.
Celebrating spray, gel, mousse, crimping irons and the perm is BIG HAIR by the same authors.
There's even a blog (several, actually) about bad hair. Visit here if you need to feel better about yourself.

All images from Bad Hair - the authors state: While every effort has been made to trace all copyright holders the publishers would be glad to hear from any who may have been omitted (or may have preferred to be omitted).

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Freshly Found

I think I was guilty of a "Purdy" style similar to the top one on the left ... a long time ago!


The 'Purdy' is definitely the lesser of the evils on these pages - in fact, I know someone who sports this hairdo at the moment and it suits her fantastically... wouldn't recommend some of the other beauties though..


Thank goodness there's someone out there that can out'do' me on my worst hair day. I can still remeber when these were cool, how scary is that!

john Austin personal trainers

Great pictures, pretty scary stuff.


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