Mark Lanning

I worked with Mark Lanning for the first time recently. More of his photography here. Very cool Soweto series.

Nice threads.

Photography Simon Denier,  ifashion

I had the chance to see a couple of shows last week at ARISE Cape Town fashion week. Specifically work of talented Doreen Southwood from Mememe and the beautiful textiles and patterns of Sway. Lovely. 

Completely childish -

- but laugh out loud funny. 
Why don't you Yearbook yourself? I've already checked out what my family, friends and co workers would look like with these fantastic retro hairstyles. For more hair hilarity see this bad hair post

What is she wearing?

I love it that people share what they wear. Here are two of my recent perusals. Perhaps you've seen them. If not, enjoy.

Perfect timing.

Getting every course of a dinner party ready just on time is not one of my strong points. I manage alright, but usually emerge from the kitchen slightly harassed by the experience. The above would be a really helpful tool for me! Clever Emma Caselton. Dear Emma: proceed to production - I am sure that there are plenty like me.

Cheeseburgers? Cupcakes?

See this flickr set for a step by step of these!

The Muti King.

I've never visited a traditional African medicine shop before. The location of our recent shoot provided the opportunity. "Muti" is the term for this African alternative type medicine - usually natural/plant based the effects of these traditional medicines are largely shrouded in cultural belief. Sometimes quite incredible in their healing claims. I photographed some garishly coloured lotions and potions... not quite sure what those contained... they promise to 'solve your cheating man problems', scare of the tokoloshe and give you luck.
Muti is usually dispensed by a Sangoma or 'witch doctor'. I was led into the back of one of these shops by the owner to see where the 'throwing of the bones' and other practices happen.

See more images - including a flyer for "penis cream" (!) on my flickr page

I took a longer than expected break from my blog - mostly because I returned from my shoot with flu. I took antibiotics, not muti :)

Meat meets feet.

Ewww. From the Nike Art Clash.

Roll Camera...

Off to shoot a television commercial shoot in Johannesburg. Away for the next week. Wish me luck... this one has only been in the pipe line for a year....

Small talk.

From the always entertaining Indexed
Conversations about the weather ... what other small talk do you engage in? Need some tips :)

Weekend post-mortem.

Image from Delaire.
Lunch here.
Wined here.
Dined here.
Slept here.
Presently recovering!


Beautiful, sculptural pieces from Alidra Alic jewellery. These pieces from 'Alice's adventures in Wonderland'.

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