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The Muti King.

I've never visited a traditional African medicine shop before. The location of our recent shoot provided the opportunity. "Muti" is the term for this African alternative type medicine - usually natural/plant based the effects of these traditional medicines are largely shrouded in cultural belief. Sometimes quite incredible in their healing claims. I photographed some garishly coloured lotions and potions... not quite sure what those contained... they promise to 'solve your cheating man problems', scare of the tokoloshe and give you luck.
Muti is usually dispensed by a Sangoma or 'witch doctor'. I was led into the back of one of these shops by the owner to see where the 'throwing of the bones' and other practices happen.

See more images - including a flyer for "penis cream" (!) on my flickr page

I took a longer than expected break from my blog - mostly because I returned from my shoot with flu. I took antibiotics, not muti :)

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Mango Girl

That sounds like a very interesting experience. I would love to find something like that around here.

Laughing about the "flying penis cream"

Freshly Found

What an interesting experience to get up close like that. I always enjoy the signs at those kind of shops!

Being Brazen

Hope you are all better now :)

Ps - I have a great giveaway on my blog , you should check it out.


man - i want all that packaging in my collection.

Kelly Fletcher

So neat and orderly! Didn't expect that. We used to get loads of flyers in our postbox, one to get rid of "bad luck hand". We never did find out what it meant... Hope you're feeling better. Kx


I think the way muti works is like this: you are so damn afraid of having to drink bitter-tasting herbs with dried up lizard's tails, that you are instantly healed. Plus the added benefit: you make sure that you never get sick again. That is why muti is so much better than antibiotics.

Linda Sue

YAY! Found you through Anairam's blog. I am feeling lucky - great blog- love it- maybe I should buy a lotto ticket today!
Meat sneakers- brill!


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