Tomorrow sees the beginning of three days packed full of inspiration. The 2009 Design Indaba. My brain might just explode.

We are amused.

The people of Harold's Planet have made me laugh today. 

New banner - Earth hour

I've added the 'Earth hour' banner to this blog for the next month. The 2009 campaign has been produced by our agency and aims to unite people against climate change. By signing up and committing to switching off your lights for an hour on the 28th of March you have the power to make real change. It will mean the world. 

Pattern to product.

Remember this? It's been printed. Naked & Angry have launched a series of new products and these melamine plates are amongst them. I actually intended the typographic design to be applied to a shopping bag - kind of like a dual purpose shopping list. I'm not really mad about this execution. Perhaps the next idea I'll print myself. But I do have a great voucher to spend online... this or this

A magical setting.

Photography, Jillian Lochner. 

The Two Oceans Aquarium is a client of ours. They recently opened a new exhibit: 'Frogs beyond the pond' and we produced the above ad for them. A play on the princess and the frog. We really should be kissing frogs - they are the canary in the coal mine. Particularly sensitive creatures to any change in environmental conditions they act as major indicators that the ecosystem is in real trouble. And sadly an alarming percentage have already become extinct. 

Kelp forest, Two Oceans Aquarium.

In thanks for the work done on the campaign I was kindly given a table for dinner at the Aquarium last eve. As a Valentines promotion they transformed the area into a restaurant and dotted tables in amongst the amazing exhibits. DH and I were seated in front of the mesmerising kelp forest. A most memorable Valentine dinner experience in a magical setting. I hope your day was as lovely.

Lunch at Noon

Nicely designed site with lots of recipes. Improves lunch eaten with a plastic fork in front of your computer : )

A blue day.

'Blue Parrot' Martha Stewart.

Tangled. A print a day.

Where I am.

Sums me up at the moment. From Indexed


This slick modern pattern was designed for florists Bastian+Skoog Urban Flower Studio by the people of eighthourday. If your corporate identity is this beautiful why not wallpaper your office with it?

New baby.

Not a flesh and blood one. An aluminum and back-lit led super-shiny Apple macbook. 
But of course now I want this stylish 'Wooden Laptop Case with leather lining and magnetic closing device.' By Rainer Spehl

Heart shaped balloons, expensive flowers and stuffed animals.

I know they are too early but I couldn't resist sharing. Thanks to Han for the anti-valentine link. 
Oh, and #3 is for my DH.

'The Goatshed' lunch

'The Goatshed' lunch, originally uploaded by black_kat1.

We had a lovely lunch at Fairview. Cheese, wine and olives - what more do you need? 'Ega' is a pomegranate, green grape and Rooibos tea drink. The word 'Age' backwards, it's apparently that good for you. I can't see the years melting off quite yet : )


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