Suitably PINK

This lacey table cloth, suitably pink, and made of vinyl is on its way to me! Well, actually on it's way to my SIL who will be on her way to SA pretty soon. I've had my eye on it for a while... it's from rockettstgeorge.


I visited the Design Indaba Expo over the weekend. Very cool, so much to look at I wasn't sure where to start. Below are a few things I thought I'd share. I didn't have a camera with me but for Indaba coverage see ElleDeco blog written by the lovely Heather.

I bought some great ribbon from Ebony and Ivory. Not even sure what I'm going to do with it yet...rosettes...trims to cushions... and I'll definitely be visiting them in Diep River now that I know they exist.

Sway, previously posted about by Freshly Found, was out on exhibit. Great pattern designs.

Great Fabric design. Such a pity that they don't have a site to peruse.

I bought a great pale pink coca cola bottle vase made by Homebakes. Love it.

Corneel is a designer and set builder. His latest business card is embossed to feel like goose flesh! Unfortunately I don't have a shot of his product on exhibit, the dolly vase.

And this was the tip of the iceberg! I'm looking forward to attending the conference on Friday.


My DH sent me this link today. The work of Lisa Black, sculptor. Odd and kind of creepy but really interesting.

Lee McCormack thinks...

Browsing bookshops is one of my favourite things to do. On spotting this I laughed out loud. Cellphone battery dead, I asked my pal to snap a shot of it with her phone - with the express reason of showing it to my (designer) husband. At R430 I wasn't going to buy it on the spot. On seeing the below review from youworkforthem perhaps I should have..

"The opening chapter of Lee McCormack's extremely engaging manifesto/how-to book on becoming an industrial designer begins, "Don't be a wanker! Embrace what it means to be a professional designer. Making the transition from design student to successful creative often involves a lot of reassessment, adaptation and resignation-just when you thought you'd cracked it and got that qualification, you realize that your actual education starts here…." Written in plain and often playful English, and featuring chapter headings like, "How to relate to the business mind," "Clients, they write the cheques," "Manufacturers are a different breed," "Protecting your ideas," and "Identifying the sharks," this must-have bible for any aspiring designer also contains substantial interviews with Neville Brody, Jason Kirk, Karim Rashid, Piers Roberts and Paul Smith."

Seems of a similar thinking to "How to be a graphic designer without losing your soul".

You make my day! Yay!

Jesse kindly gave me a 'You make my day!' award last week. Thank you Jesse. I'm so spoilt for choice as to who to pass this on to - I read so many great blogs - perhaps not daily but I'm always checking in here and there. You're all wonderful BTW, and thanks for sharing.

The award rules are:
1. Write a post with links to 5 blogs that make your day.
2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
3. Tell the award winners that they've won by commenting on their blogs.

So I'm spreading the blogger love and passing it on to....

Denise of Freshly Found, for her keen eye and her 'how I did it' step by step imagery.
Erin at DFM, because I love that she's so prolific and brings us great posts like her latest inspiration ezine.
Cher Ami, for all things birdy and beautiful.
Jen of the stillroomstudio, for her commitment to her daily images project: see 365
and Su Yin of cookingismypassion for her 'Journal of a girl that loves to cook' - and motto that "life's to short for ugly food".

14th February

The Heart Egg Moulder, The honest card and the Chocolate-opoly monopoly board game - ways to say "I love you" slightly less traditionally!

"Beauty Whores"

The ever informed Hanlie (my partner in crime at the office) came across this article in the lifestyle section of the Weekend Sunday Times. It's a sad reflection of how commercialised blogging can/has become. I've always enjoyed this community as it seems relatively unsullied by the other (advertising) world that I exist in. Perhaps I'm just being niave - plenty of blogs do nothing but promote and sell. But the community I've encountered seems generous in the sharing of their inspiration, talent and ideas without ramming any message or product down my throat. A generous collection of people who seem genuine in their recommendations and honest in the promotions of their own goods. Or I come across a blogs where the author discloses what benefit they get from promoting a certain product or company. But as this journo writes, they are few and far between. This article was a focus on 'beauty' blogs but I'm speaking generally: What do you think? Does it matter that blogs are used in this manner? Is this any different from magazine editors being whisked to exotic locations to review whatever is new and exciting? I'm just hoping there are more clear voices out there interested in giving an honest opinion than in the lastest freebie pot of miracle cream.

Tea Party

Saturday was meltingly hot. So not tea, but rather champagne was imbibed. The opportunity to watch the unfurling of the hand-tied tea flowers was still taken up. Lots of laughter.

I DO like chocolate.

Jesse Breytenbach's "I don't like chocolate" is fantastic. It's the latest addition to a colour-saturated shelf in my home. Unfortunately I didn't make it to her launch but quite coincidentally on late Friday afternoon I wandered down the road from the sound studio that we were working at and discovered her book at 'The Book Lounge' - a fantastic bookshop cnr Roodebloem and Buitenkant streets. I've been devouring it all weekend. Kudos to you, Jesse.

Melanie Sutton

I haven't personally attended this exhibition but I've heard it's great. Optimistic and uplifting. Reason enough to visit in my opinion. If you are in Cape Town, perhaps you'll agree.

Tea Party

I recently bought some hand-wrapped Japanese tea flowers simply for curiosities sake. I love tea - the smoky flavour of Lapsang Souchong that will forever bring me memories of my Grandmother, the sweet milkiness of the Vanilla tea we drank in Mauritius, the bergamot infusion of the classic Earl Grey. Chai. Mint. Rooibos. Iced tea. And don't get me started on coffee....

I've waited for an appropriate occasion to 'bloom' my tea flowers...none forthcoming my conclusion was to host a tea party. Images of beautiful rose gardens, twinset and pearls, cake stands brimming with sweet, iced delicacies were conjoured up and now I'm looking forward to preparing tiny cucumber sandwiches, warming scones and baking cupcakes. (Usually no excuse necessary for the cupcakes.) Maybe even attempting to make petit fours... I'll try to shoot the results and share them with you. As for my guests, I'm sure they'll be coaxed to enjoy a glass of bubbly should the 'blooming' tea fail to please.

An already bloomed tea flower seen on preciousstyle and more tea lovliness at anotherteablog.


I think the pillowig is perfect for me judging from the way I've been almost nodding off at my desk. I blame it on the lack of fresh air in this office environment and on the disturbed sleep I'm having due to the students who have moved in next door (not exactly a quiet bunch). Now if only they made them in bright colours I'd be able to co-ordinate with my outfits... ha ha. Seen at

In need of some humour?

I am. And I'm not usually dissapointed when I visit toothpaste for dinner

Happy weekend!

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