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I visited the Design Indaba Expo over the weekend. Very cool, so much to look at I wasn't sure where to start. Below are a few things I thought I'd share. I didn't have a camera with me but for Indaba coverage see ElleDeco blog written by the lovely Heather.

I bought some great ribbon from Ebony and Ivory. Not even sure what I'm going to do with it yet...rosettes...trims to cushions... and I'll definitely be visiting them in Diep River now that I know they exist.

Sway, previously posted about by Freshly Found, was out on exhibit. Great pattern designs.

Great Fabric design. Such a pity that they don't have a site to peruse.

I bought a great pale pink coca cola bottle vase made by Homebakes. Love it.

Corneel is a designer and set builder. His latest business card is embossed to feel like goose flesh! Unfortunately I don't have a shot of his product on exhibit, the dolly vase.

And this was the tip of the iceberg! I'm looking forward to attending the conference on Friday.

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Heloise Bottomley

I'm really enjoying popping over to your blog. I'll also be at the Indaba, probably Wed am & fri am. ENJOY

Heather Moore

I like the way you've presented the business cards here! I'll be putting a couple of these up on the Deco blog, but first I must put my feet up! Whew.

Freshly Found

What a great idea to post the business cards! Brings back some recent good memories!


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