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"Beauty Whores"

The ever informed Hanlie (my partner in crime at the office) came across this article in the lifestyle section of the Weekend Sunday Times. It's a sad reflection of how commercialised blogging can/has become. I've always enjoyed this community as it seems relatively unsullied by the other (advertising) world that I exist in. Perhaps I'm just being niave - plenty of blogs do nothing but promote and sell. But the community I've encountered seems generous in the sharing of their inspiration, talent and ideas without ramming any message or product down my throat. A generous collection of people who seem genuine in their recommendations and honest in the promotions of their own goods. Or I come across a blogs where the author discloses what benefit they get from promoting a certain product or company. But as this journo writes, they are few and far between. This article was a focus on 'beauty' blogs but I'm speaking generally: What do you think? Does it matter that blogs are used in this manner? Is this any different from magazine editors being whisked to exotic locations to review whatever is new and exciting? I'm just hoping there are more clear voices out there interested in giving an honest opinion than in the lastest freebie pot of miracle cream.

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