Jeanne Botes

So great to see the work of my talented sister-in-law being featured on Decor8
Jeanne has a great eye and sense of colour. Nice work Jeanne!

For type nerds.

Ever feel like a website was launched just for you? Well that's how I feel about we love typography. Some clever people have taken more of what I love and put it all in one place. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Smart slice.

This Martha Stewart cake mix packaging has been around a while, but I only came across it today. Lovely. 
Seen in the 87th Art Directors Club annual.  


on Earth?
Perhaps it's like the challenge "lets see how many people we can fit in this Fiat?" 
Because you can? Fffound.

Holidays and lighthouses.

April is wonderful. A total of 4 public holidays and a wedding anniversary to celebrate. Nice.

Yes you are.

Found on Fffound. Happy long week end to you. See some pretty eggs here.

Spring Couture

See more on the Behance network. Although we are starting to experience cooler weather hear I can still appreciate these florals. 

Fusca Design

Repisa Comic is by Fusca Design in Mexico. Love this. I picture one on either side of a double bed. What he reads/she reads. Especially if it's a stack of comics :)
Seen on Designspotter.

Autumn - Donna Hay

Just in time for Easter. Recipes from Donna Hay. I like the idea of the Hot Cross loaf

Marc Johns

I'm completely enamored with the work of Marc Johns. And now he has a book of "Serious Drawings" coming out. 

Andrea Galvani.

Really interesting creations. Go to Andrea Galvani

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