The a,b,c of jewellrey.

Great find for type fans from esty seller 'plastique'. And another great new online store just launched here. Congrats Denise!

Blackheart Gang - Book launch

The creators say that "If we were to imagine that a coffee table was a person, then the 'Tale of How' coffee table book should be considered to be some sort of fabulous wig or magical hat that the above-mentioned person could wear out to parties and things."
See more here. The illustrations look awesome.

No I can't.

Inbox currently nearing 4000 mails. Drastic action needed. 

Picture it.

ffffound I think.


See more here.

Mall culture.

We had dinner at the Design Quarter last night. Another nice Jozi offering. Now if only the shops stayed open after 6 in Joburg. What's up with that...? Second thoughts, might have been better that they were closed. Not so sure about the shopping self control at the moment.


I'm in Johannesburg for work again. I'm trying to convince myself that I love jozi. This t-shirt helped. More here, but the above (top) was my best. 

Say "No" to grey.

Happy Monday. Aren't these colourful "happy socks" fabulous?
Who cares if they co-ordinate - matching is overrated anyway.
Seen at Swiss Miss.

Nothing generic here.

Silly, funny cards from Uncooked Greeting Cards.

Average Monday?

Definitely not. It's International Bacon Day. Hilarious. Thanks Alice.

Look what Lucy did...

Remember this giveaway? Clever Lucy Moose has transformed the winning doodle into the above fun real life stuffed toy. Visit her here for more 'stuffed doodles'. Thanks to Lucy and well done to Lauren.

Like tennis?

Not quite Wimbledon but amusing nonetheless. Enlarge to read.
Can't credit as it arrived in an email.

Sad ad land.

Acerbic stuff. More here.

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