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Giveaway: Stuff your doodle!

I'm mad about the "Stuffed Doodles" that Lucy Moose does. I posted about them last week and now I am delighted to offer you a giveaway!

If you missed my previous post - What Lucy does is translate a scribbled, doodled drawing into a unique stuffed three dimensional piece. Stuff your doodles. That character that you've been sketching on scraps of paper or a drawing your child has done can now come alive! It's a wonderful novel idea that is above all, fun.  

Lucy is the smart creative person behind "Stuff your doodle" and she is donating a custom, handmade, stuffed doodle (valued at £80) to one of you. Thanks Lucy!

How to enter?

Send me your doodle!
Put "Doodle giveaway" in the subject line and email it to black_katherine[at]
OR Comment below with a link to your blog (and doodle).
Giveaway closes Monday 13th July.

I'll showcase all the entries and announce the winner here next week. The winner will be randomly chosen - you are all in with a chance.
Ensure you Doodle is a good resolution - that way you'll get a great result from Lucy should you win.

Have fun!

Comments for this entry

georgia b.

i'm not much of a doodler, but i'll have to try this for sure!

{by the way, your post says the giveaway closes june 13th. did you mean july 13th?}

i'll send you something soon! thanks! this is so cool.


Eeeek! Thanks for spotting that!


Oh, this is SO great! I have recently started doodling in a moleskine, these are not really suitable for translation into a doodle doll, but I am going to make a special doodle for your competition. Count me in!

Being Brazen

what a fun giveaway. Will have to spread the word.


that is so cool! def going to enter!

Mango Girl

This is completely AWESOME! I love what you do!!!

I must go doodle...


Cool post Kat! :) What an interesting idea. Nice to turn something virtual into something tangible as the blogging world tends to be only the former :S


My doodle guy


awesome idea


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