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What colour is your front door?

Last weekend DH and I repainted our front door. 'Green Fog' above from Plascon. The swatch above doesn't really do it justice. It's a sage-like green that complements the 'broken white' walls.  A classic combination chosen for it's simple, inoffensive nature and hopefully enhanced by the lavender bushes in the garden. 

What colour is your front door? Statement red? Chic black? Greige? (love that word) or have you chosen the 'safe' route, like me?

Top image VtWonen moodboards, bottom image Plascon.

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How lovely! My one front door is a boring half-glass/half-aluminum affair, and the other front door is a boring white ...

Kelly Fletcher

Think I'd go California Dreaming... if we had a front door of our own. Your choice is good - can picture it.

Freshly Found

Mine is Exciting White! Exciting, because it used to be boring brown!


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