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I've heard 'nice' described as boring. Nice girls don't get anywhere. Nice is unmemorable. Nice doesn't cut it when the chips are down. Nice people finish last...

But I think 'nice' is underrated. I don't think many people go out of their way to be particularly nasty... but we could all do with more nice in our everyday. That's why Operation Nice is so great. A celebration of being nice. Nice encounters with nice people who do particularly nice things. Wow, I've used the word twelve times in the last two paragraphs...

In the interest of spreading this message: I hope you are having an especially nice day. It's nice to have you visit my blog. 

Update: Thanks to Larry for this link.

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I love how versatile 'nice' can be in slang. That it can either be laden with sarcasm - nice, real nice - or a genuine expression of admiration - nice one.
It's definitely an under-rated word!
Look out for my doodle entry ...


Nice post! Being nice is important - although I always think being kind is better than being nice. Kindness implies strength and truthfulness and empathy whereas 'nice' can sometimes be used superficially - I have had people be nice to me to my face but quite nasty behind my back!

Kelly Fletcher

You are nice!

Jessie Cacciola

love that first poster. not much more you need to know.

Freshly Found

Nice does it for me too!


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