A pile of winter scarves, ready to dispatch. Finally. This PIF gave me a great excuse to crochet my way through some cold winter evenings. I am not that adept so I had to make something simple: what could be more simple than scarves? And I managed it in under 365 days! I hope the recipients like them.

Garth Walker Photography

Go here for a unique point of view. The 'Leaders in Real Estate" category is a real laugh. Images: Garth Walker.

Power of packaging

An interesting project comparing 100 products to their packaging. See it here. Another example of why whole food is best!

Waxed flowers

I happened to see Martha make some waxed flowers and beautifully style them under a bell jar recently. So I tried it at home. I've made scented candles before so I have all the wax paraphernalia.

I was hoping for an ethereal type effect, something over styled or reminiscent of a prop from a Tim Burton movie but alas, my skills/choice of flower/patience weren't quite up to the task. It wasn't a total waste of time though...

Things I have learnt from this craft:
1. I will never be a flower arranger.
2. I'd rather have my flowers die quicker than cover up the scent of blooms.
3. The end result always looks better in my mind.
4. It's fun to make a mess. Of course I knew this already, but it was nice to be reminded.
5. If you fail at a particular project, just shoot a few close up pics and hey, you can still blog about it : )

Lytton Street Studios Exhibition

Got this invite from Frank. See you there?

Instant gratification

I bought some lovely ribbon at the Design Indaba Expo earlier this year and haven't had a use for it. Decided to make some covered 'Alice bands' over the week end. It was the easiest thing in the world to do and they really did only take 5 minutes (aside from the glue drying time). I used inexpensive plastic Alice bands and left the drop of glue drying (secured by a clothes pin) overnight. I was actually quite pleased with the result. Tah-dah, new hair accessory.

The Cloud Appreciation Society

Isn't the internet marvelous? Today I discovered a site devoted to clouds. If so moved you can join The Cloud Appreciation Society.

In their manifesto they state: We believe that clouds are unjustly maligned and we pledge to fight ‘blue-sky thinking’ wherever we find it.

I can't believe how comprehensive the site is - they even have a section of clouds that look like things. Now you know what to do with your images of sunsets or where your child can find reference for their Geography project : )
Image by Greg Noble.

Passionate embrace complete with dramatic cloudy sky

Doesn't this image look like it belongs on the cover of a romantic novel? All it needs is a flowing script typeface and we'd be looking at a Mills & Boon cover : ) Shot by Annie Leibovitz, of course, for Vogue US (July). Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman will be seen in the epic Australia. See more at stylefrizz. Thanks Hanlie for this great link.

Laundry bling

I might really enjoy doing the laundry if I could get my hands on a softener bottle like one of the above. Alas this creation is actually a glazed porcelain vase from the conranshop. It can be yours for only £29.95. On second thoughts nothing can really endear me to laundry...

Under the weather

I haven't been feeling so well recently hence my absence from blogging. Crawling my way out from under the haze so hopefully be back sharing cool things soon...
Thunder cloud felt hair clip by mimisayshi.

Design by Humans

Visit design by humans a great t shirt site - the shirt of the day today is by DH (Dear Husband) aka Von Brandis aka Brandt. Well done my guy!

Emery & Cie

Where have I been that I've never visited Emery & Cie before?

Paints, Tableware, Wallpaper, Fabrics, Furniture, Lighting, Rugs, Ironmongery and Tiles. Here.

Packaging 2

I really like this Honey label by Turner Duckworth who do beautifully simple packaging design for Waitrose (and many other clients). The 'E' not only makes up the abdomen of the bee but is reminiscent of a wooden honey dropper. Simple and smart.

Another piece of honey packaging: Bee Raw Honey. 'The product, each made from a single variety of flower, is simple in it's essence. The design is equally simplistic, and does not detract from the color and light of the product itself. You can purchase jars, or adorable "test-tube" tasters.'

Steven Meisel

I am LOVING these images from Italian Vogue (Dec 07) by Steven Meisel. It's the illustrative pattern extending onto the model that I find so beautiful. I was interested to find out that Steven Meisel actually started out as a fashion illustrator. Thanks for the link DH!


I want to share this page of beautifully packaged products in the latest issue of House and Leisure (styled by my SIL). I also recently posted about my 'toxic' care skin products and Jesse commented that we are so often seduced by pretty packaging.

I really couldn't agree more - I'm defenseless against a product that has been beautifully wrapped/boxed or bagged! Perhaps it's my love of typography coupled with the influence of DH (he has boxes full of strange but wonderful packaging he has collected). Either way, I'm a sucker for something pretty. So I've decided that I'll share some interesting pieces of packaging over the next few posts.

The Benefit cosmetics range, avaliable locally at Woolworths, is a great example of beautifully packaged beauty products with a humorous twist.

If you're packaging obsessed like me, visit the dieline described as the 'leading package design blog' and look out for a few more packaging related posts here.


Pop over to elledeco to see images from Tord Boontjes new(ish) book. I'm a fan and snapped up a garland light shade as soon as I came across one (about three years ago on a european holiday). His work seems to be everywhere now but I still love my light shade.

Biblioteq is a great little bookstore where you will always find something inspiring. They also get involved in exhibitions and competitions fairly frequently. Next one in conjunction with Mingo Lamberti is next week, see below.

Tim Walker

I came across this photographers work on daily dose at Domino. I love the quirky aesthetic of Tim Walker.

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