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A pile of winter scarves, ready to dispatch. Finally. This PIF gave me a great excuse to crochet my way through some cold winter evenings. I am not that adept so I had to make something simple: what could be more simple than scarves? And I managed it in under 365 days! I hope the recipients like them.

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Kelly Fletcher

Where in the world are you sending them? They look good - so glad I'm not the only ou vrou anymore... ha haa. XxXx

janine de waal

GEE!!! These are just FANTASTIC!!! It is a great pity that I am not on your PIF list!

design for mankind.



Beautiful! And well done on getting the PIF done on time (I'm still not finished with mine....)


Well done!!! They're gorgeous.


Thanks for the comments!


I am definitely going to 'borrow' your idea and Pay it Forward as well, hope you don't mind. What a wonderful idea!


Hi Kerry: this idea has been doing the rounds on blogs all over for a good while so 'go for it' and keep paying it forward!! : )


Love the scarves! I'm so glad crochet is back in fashion, its such fun to do!


Thank you thank you thank you! My PIF scarf is just fabulous! I've been away for ages and have only just managed to pick it up. Wow.Keep an eye on my blog I'll pop them in a post so they get their worthy recognition.


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