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Power of packaging

An interesting project comparing 100 products to their packaging. See it here. Another example of why whole food is best!

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Ewww -- some of that is truly disgusting. You're so right about the power of packaging! Your post the other day about how much designers love packaging really interested me -- not being a designer it just falls into the category of "crap to throw away" for me. I re-use the really gorgeous stuff for present packing and recycle as much as possible, but packaging is still the bulk of what I send to the landfill and I don't feel good about it. How conscious are designers in general about the issue of waste, do you think?


Thanks for your interesting comment, I totally agree that most of our rubbish is made up of packaging.

I think only in recent years (as it became 'trendy') more designers are starting to consider eco friendly ways to package products. Hopefully we will see a major change in that in the future.

Generally I find it a difficult thing to reconcile as some retailers go to lengths to tout themselves as 'green' 'organic' or 'eco friendly' but more often than not the message is window dressing and the objective is not truly adopted by all/other areas of the business.

I guess they all have to start somewhere and even if there are only a few products on shelves that are considerately packaged it is better than none at all?

The unfortunate thing at the moment is that the environmentally friendly print and material options are sometimes much more expensive to produce than the cheap and nasty versions. More often than not even if a designers has a personal opinion or conscience they may very well be over ruled by the client and budget restrictions. Sadly it's expensive to consider the environment.

Perhaps until we start being more demanding as consumers we won't see a massive change?

Jessie Cacciola

very cool.


what a great series. i wish i did it!


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