Doggy bag?

Even though we don't have a pet I thought these poo poo bags were so amusing and well designed that I had to share. 

Mixed bag post

Some links into my life:
  1. I recently made one of these successfully. Successfully enough to give to my MIL. (Mother in Law)
  2. I followed this classic South African recipe well enough to serve the result after last Sunday lunch.
  3. I'm going to the city of sun in about 10 days time and I still have to have one of these injections...
  4. I'm healthy. I must be according to this article about blogging.
  5. I can't stop marveling at the type design by this woman.
  6. These shoes rock. Perhaps because they're so different.

Telescopic text

Play here By Joe Davis

I've edited my collection

The number of books in my home had begun to overflow my bookshelves. Piles had started here and there, gathering dust. I love to read, and occasionally re read particular titles. But something had to be done to alleviate the pressure on those shelves! I heard about a little swap concept bookshop and thought it would be worth investigation. Yesterday I spent time sorting through novels and happily headed off with two large bags full of books. I was impressed with the set up of the little store and returned with a fistful of cash (they give you 50% of what they will charge for a particular book) and of course another 3 novels (including Moxyland by Lauren Beukes which I've been meaning to read). I'll definitely be visiting again.

For some ideas on curbing your book clutter visit here.

For anyone in Cape Town the store I visited is 'The Book Shoppe' in Tokai 021 7131528.
Don't you love the cover design of this book? It's by designer Dale Halvorsen. The book even has it's own soundtrack.

Kirsten Lipschitz

Kirsten Lipschitz is a talented stylist who collaborates regularly with photographer Jillian Lochner. She has styled some of my most recent work. I'm especially impressed by her personal work. I think it's up to all creative people to find the time and energy to do work for themselves that they find interesting and inspirational. Those opportunities don't always exist on "bread and butter" clients. 

RIP Bluelines

Bluelines is no longer. First the mag, now the blog. Above are some images I really like from the portfolio of Scott Horne, prop stylist and one of the Bluelines contributors.

Big Wood Exhibition

Some work by DH for the exhibition Big Wood. I really like it. He had his vector artwork laser cut into wood. I think the opening was on Saturday eve in Durban. See here for more (some images from the 2007 exhibit). 

Loretta Lux

I worked with a model the other day who reminded me of (a grown up version of) the children that Loretta Lux photographs. Blonde, pale skin, slightly wide set eyes. Beautiful but a little freaky.
All images copyright Loretta Lux


Interesting article on advertising that 'borrows' from art. I think some of the best advertising cleverly holds hands with what could be called 'art' but there's being inspired and then there's blatant copying...

"Nice handwriting"

I have at least four different styles of handwriting. One for hurried-note taking, one for carefully penned birthday or other special messages, one for addressing envelopes or leaving important messages USUALLY ALL IN CAPS and another more flowing prettier, more curly style for when I'm in a flourishy mood.

Rather than seeing this change of styles as symptomatic of any schizophrenic tendencies, it's been an advantage - my handwriting has been blown up to billboard size and used on banners, adorned shopping malls, and used in brochures and ads. Being such a type fan, I found this article on handwriting and typography by themaninblue really interesting. He asked a number of prominent typographers to send him a scan of their handwriting. Interestingly enough, some designers have handwriting not unlike doctors!

What's for dinner?

Last Friday I posted some links to 'combat the blank page'.
Today I'd like to share some of my favourite foodie sites.

There are so many out there but here are some I like to visit:

Dinner tonight

Chocolate and Zucchini

Smitten Kitchen


Bread and Honey

Cooking is my passion

Oh, and don't forget Tastespotting.

I hope the inspiration to make something 'from scratch' strikes you - happy cooking.

Dress for dinner

Don't you like these smart napkins? Seen on likecool

Rain, Rain, go away!

We've had about eight or nine days straight of rain in chilly Cape Town. Today is a little brighter. Not many people use umbrellas in this city. It's too windy and they usually become inverted after about 5 seconds in the south easter. 

The Senz Umbrella, however, is aerodynamically designed to maintain it's shape even under harsh weather conditions.
Its patented frame and powerful construction keep it from inverting in winds up to 70 miles per hour (original model) or 40 mph winds (mini model). Plus the unique shape provides optimal line of sight from under its canopy with a shortened front (no more walking into people on the sidewalk or into cars when you cross the street) and superior protection to keep you dry from the rear. The tips on the end of the umbrella's spokes - aptly named “eye-savers” - are designed to protect your eyes, as well as those of passers-by; the smooth oval shaft and the umbrella’s unique opening mechanism, compliment the fun shape of this new twist on how to outsmart the weather.
Funny looking things aren't they? You can buy them here.

Geometric garden

I love the graphic layout of this garden. A real 'taming' of nature. Can you imagine the team of gardeners that has to keep this looking so manicured? See more Anouska Hempel design. 
Image from Gardens Illustrated Feb 06

Jillian Lochner

I am shooting a job next week with an incredibly talented photographer. Jillian Lochner. She arrives from London today. I love her work, see it here. Some of her personal work deals with 'taboo' subjects so perhaps don't visit her site if you think you might take offense to nudity. I find it challenging, sometimes disturbing but mostly really honest. I'll hopefully post some behind the scenes of our (commercial) job together.
All images copyright Jillian Lochner.

What's in your pockets?

Visit Face your pockets if you are curious as to what people carry around with them! We've already seen what's in your bag, fridge, office drawers...

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