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I've edited my collection

The number of books in my home had begun to overflow my bookshelves. Piles had started here and there, gathering dust. I love to read, and occasionally re read particular titles. But something had to be done to alleviate the pressure on those shelves! I heard about a little swap concept bookshop and thought it would be worth investigation. Yesterday I spent time sorting through novels and happily headed off with two large bags full of books. I was impressed with the set up of the little store and returned with a fistful of cash (they give you 50% of what they will charge for a particular book) and of course another 3 novels (including Moxyland by Lauren Beukes which I've been meaning to read). I'll definitely be visiting again.

For some ideas on curbing your book clutter visit here.

For anyone in Cape Town the store I visited is 'The Book Shoppe' in Tokai 021 7131528.
Don't you love the cover design of this book? It's by designer Dale Halvorsen. The book even has it's own soundtrack.

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I've heard there's a book exchange shop in Claremont as well - if I find out more I'll let you know!

Freshly Found

What a lovely feeling! And a whole lot of people will be able to enjoy the books you took back too.
I need to tackle my shelves too....


They also donate the books they don't accept on your behalf (those that aren't in fantastic condition) so all round good.

Claremont would be less of a drive so let me know if you find details, Jesse!


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