In a nutshell.

Wise words spotted in the klein dorp of Montagu last weekend.

Ignore everybody.

Great advice by Hugh. More at Gaping Void.

Patrick Ryan.

This beautiful image by Photographer Patrick Ryan. More here and here.


Slick meets natural. Wood stools by Judith Seng. Seen here.
Images Jamie Kopke.

The perfect client.

Click to read. Thanks to Raz.

How do you feel?

Passive observation by Jonathan Harris.
Amazing. See it here if you haven't already. Just watched his Ted talk.


'Against the Machine' by Jennifer Daniel. This made me laugh out loud.

No commitment necessary.

'Tattoo' hose and knee socks. Love 'em. Etsy seller here.

Agents of cool.

Flavours include 'The Molotofee Cocktail" and "Obamarama" amongst others like "The Prince Charles" (English Brown Bread ice cream between two oatmeal cookies.
Great logo. Selfridges & Co. and here.

Never ignore kerning.

Unless your message is as sweet as this. Fffound.

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