Shopping detox.

Tomorrow is 'Buy Nothing' day. A day of protest against consumerism. Activities include the obvious commitment to a spend-free 24 hours as well as things like the public cutting up of credit cards and other creative and daring protests. More at adbusters

Not just a good statement for a day but a good reminder to keep the spending in check before this hedonistic Christmas time...

"Mr & Mrs Fancy Pants"

aka Will Bryant & wife. Another talented couple inhabiting the blogosphere.
Will Bryant also of 'I love nice people who make cool things' fame.

Lessons from a dog.

See more lessons here. By Patrick Moberg.

Happy, Happy.

Another 365 days have just flown past. Whew.
Image Fffound.

I don't care if they're in fashion..

Some amusing illustration work by Justin Southey. From Infidels.

Love what you do.

More here.

Enough already?

I'm sure there will be plenty more soccer themed shoots that we'll see before this time next year... this one complete with bloody knee and red card is from ZooZoom. I'm okay with the themed shoots - just not the promotional messages that keep appearing in my in box. No, I don't want to put my clients logo onto a mini soccer ball key-ring...

The Chocolate Club.

I'm doing some work for this client. Rebranding and packaging ideas that I'll share once the client has approved them. It's a really elegant concept for the connoisseur - a different selection of handmade chocolates sent to you monthly. Here is how to join.

What next?

The Sugar Daddy Ken Doll by Mattel. He hails from Palm beach and 'sports a dashing jacquard-patterned jacket.'
Seen at StyleFrizz.

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