Sense of occasion

A parent's 60th and my siblings (8 day old) baby home after a tricky start and days in the neonatal high care unit. Much to celebrate - and I usually don't need a reason to drink champagne. Happy, Happy for whatever you are celebrating (Thanksgiving, sunshine, life in general). Back on Monday. 

DIY type

Time to share work by some hand lettering artists/illustrators/designers/all round talented people who I admire:

Without a doubt, Marian Bantjes

There are many more but I'll save that for another day. 

Edward Monkton

Edward Monkton has interesting thoughts

Typographic 2009

Thanks to my DH I'll be inspired by the type loveliness of this calender by Orange Beautiful during 2009. Presents are cool. I'm just hoping our postal system gets it right... 

Over analysing things.

Seen on ffffound. Find here.

A year older.

I made these for a friend a while ago but needed a pic for this post!

I've been nicely spoilt today. So albeit a work day it has been a good one. 
Thanks for the good wishes! 


DH and I went to a premiere of the new Bond movie last evening. Action from beginning to end. I loved the opening title sequence graphics done by MK12. I've been a fan of their work for a long while. The movie itself could have done with a little more 'Moneypenny' humour but I enjoyed it nonetheless. The titles bring back the quintessential Bond girls and harken back to older bond movies. The production design also has a retro cool feeling. Read more here. See more here.


Although this campaign never saw the light of day it is getting a little coverage on some blogs. The idea for the advertising was that we wanted to revist the tactile nature and joy of reading the newspaper (as opposed to perhaps getting your news on line) and illustrate this by showing the news 'coming alive'. Executed by paper cutting the actual newspaper. It's work that I'm really proud of and was so disapointed the client never agreed to run the campaign. 

I've included scamps of the initial idea and then the finished product beautifully executed by Heather of Skinny Laminx. It was equally lovely working with you Heather - I'll have to come up with another paper cutting idea so that we can make use of your considerable talent with the knife! Unfortunately the reality of this business is that some ideas never make it out there...

The ads were shot by Pete Maltbie.


Images from Showroom

Just had a lunch here. The grappa helped to numb the pain of the bad client meeting that preceded it. Friday afternoons were meant for sitting outside in the sunshine with a glass of wine.

Some Type of Wonderful

By Luke Lucas. More prints here. This type has an amazing viscosity. The artist describes it as "voluptuous and glossy."

Leave, or else.

View from the medieval hill top village of Eze. 

Saorge village, Region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

It's quite delicious to be told that you have days of leave owing to you that have to be taken by the end of January. It's as if I'm actually being forced to spend time away from the office. Delicious but also slightly sad. 

Considering I won't be travelling anywhere exotic this festive season I'll have to be content remembering wonderful vacations (above images) and visiting this site. Dream destinations to share, anyone?

Kate Slater illustration

Lovely stuff here

Perfume Pendant

Gorgeous perfume bottle necklaces from Urban Outfitters. Seems the perfect place to keep your scent - especially considering I managed to spill an entire bottle by accident into my handbag on Friday... ! At least my handbag smells wonderful.


Great sick note

I've been a bit absent from blog life recently. It's partly because I still have a sick (we think dying) laptop and partly because I'm busier than usual in other avenues of my life. If I haven't popped around to your blog as often as possible or left you a comment that is the reason! I do miss checking in on my regular reads so hopefully life will soon return to normal. In the meantime have a great week end!

My fruit and veggies will not have air miles.

This idea by Chew on this particularly resonated with me. 

I've made a decision to aim to buy only seasonal, local produce. Not only is it a shame to buy fruit and vegetables grown for shipping and a long shelf (instead of taste and freshness) but it goes some small way to reducing the impact on the environment. If you live in the NY area this wheel will tell you when certain things are in season. Smart. 

No more strawberries flown in from some exotic location or apples grown in Israel!


It's such a learning curve owning a home. Unfortunately the DIY gene skipped me. DH is not bad but I'd love that Holmes guy to stop by our home! Toothpaste for dinner is always good for a laugh.

How do you feel about facial hair?

Image from ffffound.

It's Movember folks. The men in our office have embraced the spirit and are in the process of crafting their (sometimes wispy) facial hair. All in the name of a good cause as bets are being taken and Operation Smile, one of our clients, get the proceeds. 

Apparently this challenge to grow the most impressive 'snor' was taken quite seriously by some ad guys in Amsterdam last year. It even got news coverage...


I have this poster. I've come across one or two twists on the original but I've been waiting for this type of execution! Seen on Threadless.

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