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Although this campaign never saw the light of day it is getting a little coverage on some blogs. The idea for the advertising was that we wanted to revist the tactile nature and joy of reading the newspaper (as opposed to perhaps getting your news on line) and illustrate this by showing the news 'coming alive'. Executed by paper cutting the actual newspaper. It's work that I'm really proud of and was so disapointed the client never agreed to run the campaign. 

I've included scamps of the initial idea and then the finished product beautifully executed by Heather of Skinny Laminx. It was equally lovely working with you Heather - I'll have to come up with another paper cutting idea so that we can make use of your considerable talent with the knife! Unfortunately the reality of this business is that some ideas never make it out there...

The ads were shot by Pete Maltbie.

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Georgia (AKA g-bug)


i saw similar works with just plain white paper in an e-mail link someone sent me. but these are even more stunning!

please sir

Wow these look really good...I can see the concept too. Great work - glad you posted it on here.


I love the thought, and Pete was one of my alltime favourite photgraphers to work with.

Kelly Fletcher

Stunning idea, K. Sorry it came to down to client rejection...


Amazing! I am always very impressed by people who can work with paper in such a way. It's so intricate and beautiful.


Helouise - Pete is great, such a perfectionist.

Georgia - I think the work you are referring to is Peter Callesen. Amazing artist from whom we drew inspiration for this campaign.


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