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Perfume Pendant

Gorgeous perfume bottle necklaces from Urban Outfitters. Seems the perfect place to keep your scent - especially considering I managed to spill an entire bottle by accident into my handbag on Friday... ! At least my handbag smells wonderful.

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please sir

Such a neat and lovely idea - they are always so clever!

Georgia (AKA g-bug)

i love it.
it looks too pretty to be Urban Outfitters!
(as much as i love that store)

Freshly Found

What a pity about the perfume in your bag! Hope that you have come to terms with the loss! Allow the pleasure of hunting for your keys or your purse in a fragrant way bring you pleasure - while it lasts!


These are cool. I have a vintage one that you put a cotton ball in that is soaked in your favorite perfume. But I like having the mini bottle to replenish my aroma :)


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