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How do you feel about facial hair?

Image from ffffound.

It's Movember folks. The men in our office have embraced the spirit and are in the process of crafting their (sometimes wispy) facial hair. All in the name of a good cause as bets are being taken and Operation Smile, one of our clients, get the proceeds. 

Apparently this challenge to grow the most impressive 'snor' was taken quite seriously by some ad guys in Amsterdam last year. It even got news coverage...

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Kelly Fletcher

I've never seen my version of your DH totally without facial hair... although I have seen him with a mo and beard clipped to number 1 length.


Depends. I love my husband's scruff more than his bare face, and his beards have grown in nicely in the past. But I'm not keen on just mustaches. Too reminiscent of a porn star look on most men (except my dad, lol) :)

Georgia (AKA g-bug)

oh, that's hilarious! those were some brave souls for a good cause!

i like my hubby's facial hair. it never bothers me. but, i like him clean shaven, too.


I think our significant others are exempt from being judged on facial hair - it's my collegues transformations that I'm more concerned about : )


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