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Keep Calm And Carry On

I've succumbed. I've joined the ranks of the thousands who have this stiff upper lip WWII reproduction poster. A real blog trend, which would usually turn me right off but I still just love the message. And I don't know anyone locally who has it so I've decided that's ok : )

I ordered from the Keep Calm Gallery and the poster arrived a while ago but I just got it back from the framers. The Gallery has a blog. You can also find this poster for sale here.

The original was done in red. And being a typenerd I found some info about the typeface on typophile.

Maria Kalman, recently interviewed on inspiration boards has this illustrated rendition.

I'm planning to hang this strategically and hoping the message will work wonders. Hmm, perhaps I should take it to the office..

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Saw a guy wearing a T-shirt with this printed on the front today... Kel xxx

Freshly Found

I have always enjoyed this poster! If you are going to keep up with a trend - you chose a good one! It sure is good advice.

janine de waal

Very cool - and I think it will be much more handy at the office!
= )


such an amazing blog!! love it


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