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Happy Easter!

BUNNYOCALYPSE is an online art project by Michael Hanttula - see him pit microwave, blow dryer, coffee grinder and many other means of torture against the happless marshmallow bunny!
Seen at amynation.

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Freshly Found

I enjoyed the bunnyocalypse! The arb-ness of it appealed to my sense of humour!


I know, completely arb. I love the taking on of the meaningless icons of these holidays! Generally most of us miss the real point.


Poor bunnies! Have a happy Easter and enjoy the long weekend.

amy korngiebel

My cousin just told me about "Peep Jousting."
It works like this:
Stick 2 Peeps with toothpicks. Place them in the microwave with the toothpicks facing each other, but not touching. Turn the microwave on and the 1st Peep to stick the other and pop it as it swells is the winner!


Of course upon visiting this one caught my eye. I know it is sick, but messing with Peeps is really fun! :-)




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