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Magazine addiction

A few new mags to add to my ever increasing pile.

I have to admit that apart from the (very public) lapse in judgement that landed her in prison I still am a fan of Martha. I mean here is a woman who tells you to "Refrigerate salad plates for an hour before setting the table. The chilled dishes will keep greens and vegetables crisp." You have to love tips like that whether they ever translate into action or not! (Usually not in my case.) For heavens sake the woman even blogs! Although I have also read about the 'dark side' of Martha - apparantly even as a child, she sabotaged a little girl's cake recipe in order to take her little business away for herself!

All that trash aside I love the styling work in her magazines and was very sad to hear that Blueprint is now kaput. So I'm pouring over the last issue. They'll be concentrating on their blog from now on (relaunch impending). The layout and design of Blueprint was great. I loved the typeface they used so much so that I ordered a copy online. It's called Kursivschrift. (See my header.) I look forward to using it on a project.

LIVING concentrates heavily on gardening this month and that, along with Helouises' blog myimperfectgarden has inspired me to add PennyRoyal to the list for my patch of green and pull on those gardening gloves... anyone know of a reasonable landscaper?

Outside of the Martha stable Domino has a great 'green' issue (although doesn't everyone nowdays... hope that this one 'trend' stays in vogue). And a feature on some great fabric.

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Wow, thanks for the mention. I'm also a complete mag addict and Martha for better or worse has always brought out a good one. The styling is great - have you noticed a similarity in styling approach in RealSimple?


Yes, RealSimple is another mag I've always enjoyed - used to pick up the US copies at 'bargain books' way before they started publishing here. Very similar/simple styling. Must be all those years of Woolies work that keeps me so interested : )

Heather Moore

I just had a landscaper in my flat! No idea if she's reasonable or not, but I can give you her contact details if you like!


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