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Rain, Rain, go away!

We've had about eight or nine days straight of rain in chilly Cape Town. Today is a little brighter. Not many people use umbrellas in this city. It's too windy and they usually become inverted after about 5 seconds in the south easter. 

The Senz Umbrella, however, is aerodynamically designed to maintain it's shape even under harsh weather conditions.
Its patented frame and powerful construction keep it from inverting in winds up to 70 miles per hour (original model) or 40 mph winds (mini model). Plus the unique shape provides optimal line of sight from under its canopy with a shortened front (no more walking into people on the sidewalk or into cars when you cross the street) and superior protection to keep you dry from the rear. The tips on the end of the umbrella's spokes - aptly named “eye-savers” - are designed to protect your eyes, as well as those of passers-by; the smooth oval shaft and the umbrella’s unique opening mechanism, compliment the fun shape of this new twist on how to outsmart the weather.
Funny looking things aren't they? You can buy them here.

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Being Brazen

Cool idea. I need one of those.

Kelly Fletcher

Been needing one of these in the past few days... Have to use mine like a bloody fencing sword at time to stop it inverting!

Jessie Cacciola

i love these!


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