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Crochet attempt

I was inspired by a scarf I saw posted on flickr by gifrancis her end result looks fantastic:

Aren't the colours of her shot beautiful as well?

My attempt was less sucessfull -

But since I haven't tried to crochet since junior school, it's no wonder that my choice of needle and wool was wrong and the result ended up slightly more comical than chic... nevertheless I've decided to document my attempt before unravelling it. I'm definitely planning a re-work once I've bought the correct supplies. I still like the silver wool though.

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Hi! Thank you for your compliment on my photo!
The only problem I see in your project is that it looks a little stiff. Why not try the same yarn but with a different hook? double the one you use, maybe?It is a nice yarn! I might try it myself. ;)


I've been using exactly the same silver thread to make christmas stars with -- ain't the unravelling a bitch? The scarf looks like fun, though.


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