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Inspired by the upcoming exhibition of wooden sculptures by Adrian Köhler I decided to put this group of images together. Woodgrain rocks! Even that fake plastic wood veneer is very nostalgic for me, I remember specific platters that my mother used to serve cocktail snacks when I was a child. The embroidery on the chair in this inspiration board and the duvet cover/quilt detail are two applications I haven't seen before and really love.

Credits -
Pen and paper
Vitamin design milk
Earrings by Orno
Mr French
Heather Moore
Adrian Köhler

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I have such a weakness for woodgrain sticky vinyl! I love the woodgrain cupcakes in your collage.

Heloise Bottomley

Hey, You're back!! Fantastic. It's a small world ~ Adrian used to give us imprompto puppet shows when we were kids holidaying at my grand parents (neighbours to the Kohlers)


Thanks Jesse and hey Helouise! Yes, I'm back, not sure if it is the time of year or my mood but either way more time for blogging. Yes it is such a small world - I don't know Adrian but the guy he shares studio space with is a friend - perhaps I'll see you at that upcoming exhibition.


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