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I want to share this page of beautifully packaged products in the latest issue of House and Leisure (styled by my SIL). I also recently posted about my 'toxic' care skin products and Jesse commented that we are so often seduced by pretty packaging.

I really couldn't agree more - I'm defenseless against a product that has been beautifully wrapped/boxed or bagged! Perhaps it's my love of typography coupled with the influence of DH (he has boxes full of strange but wonderful packaging he has collected). Either way, I'm a sucker for something pretty. So I've decided that I'll share some interesting pieces of packaging over the next few posts.

The Benefit cosmetics range, avaliable locally at Woolworths, is a great example of beautifully packaged beauty products with a humorous twist.

If you're packaging obsessed like me, visit the dieline described as the 'leading package design blog' and look out for a few more packaging related posts here.

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design for mankind.

I love Benefit--- and you're right; such beautiful packaging!


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