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Tea Party

I recently bought some hand-wrapped Japanese tea flowers simply for curiosities sake. I love tea - the smoky flavour of Lapsang Souchong that will forever bring me memories of my Grandmother, the sweet milkiness of the Vanilla tea we drank in Mauritius, the bergamot infusion of the classic Earl Grey. Chai. Mint. Rooibos. Iced tea. And don't get me started on coffee....

I've waited for an appropriate occasion to 'bloom' my tea flowers...none forthcoming my conclusion was to host a tea party. Images of beautiful rose gardens, twinset and pearls, cake stands brimming with sweet, iced delicacies were conjoured up and now I'm looking forward to preparing tiny cucumber sandwiches, warming scones and baking cupcakes. (Usually no excuse necessary for the cupcakes.) Maybe even attempting to make petit fours... I'll try to shoot the results and share them with you. As for my guests, I'm sure they'll be coaxed to enjoy a glass of bubbly should the 'blooming' tea fail to please.

An already bloomed tea flower seen on preciousstyle and more tea lovliness at anotherteablog.

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