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A magical setting.

Photography, Jillian Lochner. 

The Two Oceans Aquarium is a client of ours. They recently opened a new exhibit: 'Frogs beyond the pond' and we produced the above ad for them. A play on the princess and the frog. We really should be kissing frogs - they are the canary in the coal mine. Particularly sensitive creatures to any change in environmental conditions they act as major indicators that the ecosystem is in real trouble. And sadly an alarming percentage have already become extinct. 

Kelp forest, Two Oceans Aquarium.

In thanks for the work done on the campaign I was kindly given a table for dinner at the Aquarium last eve. As a Valentines promotion they transformed the area into a restaurant and dotted tables in amongst the amazing exhibits. DH and I were seated in front of the mesmerising kelp forest. A most memorable Valentine dinner experience in a magical setting. I hope your day was as lovely.

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Kelly Fletcher

Lucky fish!

Heloise Bottomley

I love the princess and frog idea - much better than the lipstick version I drove past on my way into the V&A on Friday!

Freshly Found

What a lovely 'Thank You'!


that aquarium looks mystical, wouldn't mind seeing it for myself.


That ad turned out amazing! Great job! (and timely with Disney's movie coming out sometime soon?)


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