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Complete crochet project 2: Scarf

I was pleased to join some fellow bloggers on Saturday at the Book Lounge for an afternoon of chat and (in my case) crochet. My first experience of 'Kraft club' started by Jesse and Heather introduced me to a lovely group of talented people immersed in their various projects. I'm just a beginner hence me proudly posting my results! I'm now starting another scarf with a softer-to-the-touch wool.

I won't be attempting anything from the below book though - but I thought it amusing. Naughty Needles (Sexy, Saucy Knits for the Bedroom and Beyond) is written by Nikol Lohr. A "champion of the wifely arts, Lohr can cook, sew, crochet, knit, needlepoint, embroider, decoupage, print, grow things, fix things, and generally craft her ass off." The book includes Fembot nightie, felted Red Riding Hood cape and naughty nurse cap to name a few.

Nikol Lohr created and, and co-created the cooking site and 'chick site'

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Your scarf looks lovely!


Thanks jesse, was lovely to meet you.

janine de waal

I can't believe your scarf is all done!!! I am very jealous... it looks devine!!!


Thanks Janine, I am trying another one (softer). Decided I have to finish what I start... not always one of my best attributes.

Freshly Found

The Scarf is LOVELY! Having just resurected my crochet hook - I am very inspired!

Kelly Fletcher

Send me the pattern! I love it. Well done, chick. Your work definitely doesn't look like the work of a beginner. So with you on the not finishing thing - have about 10 projects that need finishing, but determined to get it all done by the end of the year...


Thanks, that's high praise Denise! And Kell: I made it up as I went along...simple berry stitch is the only half exciting thing about it : )


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