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For the garden connoisseur : Garden Bleu

I came across a sweet little garden decor store while in Riebeek Kasteel. A collection of Provencal type garden design pieces made from wrought iron. Mainly metal garden accessories but also some decor items and some great linen. I liked the trellises, wall mounts and pot shelves. DH isn't mad about the style of products so we had to agree that one day I'd design the garden of our rustic country home with these elements. Oh, aren't 'pipe dreams' great? Our conversation made me wonder what most people do if their significant other has a very converse home decor or design style... fortunately we agree on most things : )

They have a site but for some reason it doesn't load very well on my system.

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janine de waal

Well I also like it! Really rustic and pretty!!! ; )


You are lucky, my hubby and I really have completely different tastes. It makes for some interesting moments.


Glad you had such a great break. This little spot, in Riebeek Kasteel, looks so lovely, we will have to take a trip out there soon.


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