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Secret Ingredient?

I laughed out loud at the above from toothpaste for dinner. I've never mastered a successful Chilli. Too hot, too mild...

But as far as secret ingredients are concerned I have a few recipes of my Grandmothers passed to me from my mum and a one or two closely gaurded recipes shared by friends. Do you have the same? Or an ingredient idea that sets your dish apart? Perhaps something you accidentalIy discovered? I've actually heard of a few well-known chefs adding a little Guinness, Cocoa cola or Heinz tomato sauce to their creations...although did you know the 'secret' recipe for Coca cola itself has apparantly never been shared since it's 1886 formulation. A little useless information for you. Perhaps I'll attempt Chilli for dinner, it is rather cold out.

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Kelly Fletcher

My mom-in-law's real Scottish shortbread recipe is closely guarded (it is SO good). Also my maternal gran's ginger biscuits only work when the ingredients are weighed out in pounds and ounces on her old scale (weird, but true). Fortunately my mom inherited her scale. I was allowed G's gran's savoury pie recipe only after we got engaged... think it's a good thing that they are only shared with a selective few. Makes them even more special to eat.


Shortbread sounds good and I love the scale story! Perhaps it was G's gran's way of letting you into the family for good by handing down that recipe : ) x


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