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Tea with Liesel Trautman

A few months ago, on our wedding anniversary, DH gifted me a visit to Liesel Trautman's studio and with an invitation to choose some ceramics. Clever man, he knows I have wanted to add to the pieces I already own. 
I finally made my way to Liesel's shop/studio on Monday. What a delight to meet the talented woman behind these gorgeous ceramics. The passion for what she does is obvious and we chatted about her inspirations, process and personal creative path. 
I'm always interested in what makes creative people tick and have decided to share some of her insights and inspirations in a follow up post to this one. Look out for it! In the meantime, enjoy the images. 

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Lovely photos of her work - she is so talented. I also have a growing collection - her studio's just down the road from us - too tempting!

georgia b.

gorgeous! i look forward to the follow-up post.


Her ceramics are so beautiful - I've only ever seen the bird ones - but I really like the insects and flowers you have shown here. Show us some more soon!

Freshly Found

What a strong feeling of delight as I looked at her pieces. You are right. Very clever husband!

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I love Leisel's work. I bought my first peice the other day (a mug) and cannot wait to grow my collection now.


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