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Bruce Robertson's "The Quarter"

Bunny chow is a South African street food. It originated in Durban in the 1940's and the term is a slang description for a hollowed out loaf of bread (usually a quarter loaf) filled with curry. 

Celebrity chef Bruce Robertson is now providing Cape Town with a gourmet version of the Bunny Chow

I designed the identity for this new concept eatery which recently opened on Long street. The name, The Quarter, takes it's lead from the colloquial term for bunny chow - a 'kota', referring to a quarter loaf of bread. 

The images below show the identity (with apologies to vegetarians) applied in the store and on various design pieces - the signage, food packaging, business cards and wallpaper. The wallpaper amusingly puts across the 'rules' for eating bunny chow. If you are in Cape Town, do stop by! 

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Freshly Found

Oh I hope they come to Durban too.
What a fun design and presentation! Well done!

Georgia B.

wow! that marketing/design is perfect! it really piques interest at first glance! i am extremely impressed!


I really like your design for this - clever! Well, I guess I will have to go and make a turn in Long Street and try out one - do they make veggie kotas?


Yes, you can get veggie bunnies!


Good fun, and love what you did with it! I miss bunny chow :(


I actually find the marketing distasteful. Jars of skinned rabbit (I assume) and crayfish?? A bunny (normally associated with Easter and cuteness) chopped in half? How to lose your appetite and scare the children.
Disappointing, as this is clearly a reflection of managements lack of concern or respect for the animals that we eat. No need to be barbaric.

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On this blog diversity of opinion is inevitable!

Heather Moore

Ow, ow, ow! The veggie me winces every time I drive past that chopped up bunny sign! I don't feel as strongly as Jacqui about it, because it's not really chopped up bunnies, but it certainly doesn't whet my appetite.


Loving the design! So happy that there is a little bit of Durbs in my town again :)

jakaranda prinses

i love the logo!! i thought it was tongue-in-cheek and beautifully done. nice work, black kat! x


Jacqui, you are one humourless human. This is such a cute identity. Well done Kat.




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