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New ingredient.

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Have you heard of black garlic? I hadn't. Perhaps I've been neglecting my reading of foodie blogs because this was certainly new to me. Basically, it's specially aged white garlic. It's described as soft and sweet with no pungent aftertaste and double the anti-oxidants of the original version. Sounds interesting. Anyone seen this locally? I read about it in the June edition of Living,etc.

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Kelly Fletcher

New to me, too. Sounds interesting though...

Freshly Found

I hadn't heard of it, but with the health and odour advantages - it's worth looking into!

georgia b.

huh! never heard of it. i've seen black garlic in my house before—but it was a rotten clove. :)



Oooh. If you ever find out where to get this, please let me know. Sounds as though it could taste nice.

I have heard of blue potatoes and such but never black garlic. Wouldnt it be fun to have an odd vegie garden with all these wierd and wonderful things.


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